• Speedo-clean, refill teräshiutaleet (0,6 mm)

Low Noise Cleaning Unit for Dentures
o Cleans surfaces by using stainless steel polishing needles in a rotating magnetic field in combina-tion with a cleaning solution
o Extremely quite operations
o No abrasion
o Especially designed to clean dentures and to polish metal surfaces without damaging the model
o Suitable for any kind of prothesis
o Optimal cleaning in narrow interproximal areas
o Integrated timer allows for individual time-set-ting of the cleaning cycle
Technical Data
Weight: 2 kg
Output: 35 watt
Speed: 1.700rpm
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Unit supplied with 50 g of stainless steel pins (dia. 0.6 mm). 1 l cleaning liquid. 1 special magnet No. 401 136
Stainless steel pins. 50 g
Diameter 0.6 mm for dentures No. 304 014
Diameter 0.8 mm for telescopic work No. 304 013
SPEEDO CLEAN liquid. 1L No. 554 106
Replacement cup No. 355 419

Speedo-clean, refill teräshiutaleet (0,6 mm)

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