• Salibag, dig.sensorin suoja L (240 kpl)

Protective hygienic Pouches for Sensors and conventional Films
o Easy to open and remove
o Sensor is placed into the Salibag. then the Salibag and the sensor are put into the mouth for radiography (same for conventional 3x4 films)
o Protects the sensors from humidity. saliva and blood
o Soft corners = agreeable for the patient
o From HAGER &WERKEN only in Europe
o Available in 4 sizes:
for Amount No.
SLB-IP imaging plate 320 pcs. 656 231
SLB-L CCD sensor S/M 320 pcs. 656 232
SLB-LL CCD sensor L 240 pcs. 656 233

Salibag, dig.sensorin suoja L (240 kpl)

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